Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome to Top Trails: Hiking on Maui!

Hiking may not be what most people come to Hawaii to do. But don’t let that stop you. Amazing trails crisscross Maui, from meditative coastal beach walks to heady treks high atop a volcano. Hidden in cloud forest, more trails lead to tumbling waterfalls, hidden springs, and groves of bamboo that rustle musically in the Pacific trade winds.

Back down on the coast, you can watch water spout through natural lava-rock blowholes and sea arches, take a dip or snorkel in ocean pools, and encounter deserted beaches to be savored in solitude. You can also wander across lava flows that feel primeval, examine ancient Hawaiian petroglyphs up close, or follow the King’s Highway that Hawaiian royalty once trod.

All this and more awaits on Maui’s hiking trails, most of which are easily accessible day trips. No matter where you base yourself on the island, any of the dozens of trailheads pinpointed in my hiking guide, Top Trails Maui, is at most a couple of hours’ drive away, and often far closer than that. It’s a hikers’ paradise.

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Photo: Haleakala National Park (Sara Benson)

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